DRM Product Purchases - Important Notes

Thank you for your interest in joining the DRM Software Radio Project. At the moment, DRM test transmissions are available for reception in Europe, North Africa, North America, and Australia/NZ (weekends only). If you are in another part of the world, we do not have regular DRM test transmissions targeted toward your area at this time. For the latest information on DRM test transmissions, please look at the schedule at www.vtplc.com
If you would still like to purchase DRM Software Radio Project software now, please continue. Otherwise, we will place your application on hold, and will notify you if DRM test transmissions become available in your area in the future. If you have not already done so, then you can register to be notified of future developments.

Minimum system requirements and soundcard issues.

Please be aware of the minimum system requirements:
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP or Windows 98.
  • AT-compatible PC.
  • 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent). 800 MHz recommended.
  • 64 MB RAM.
  • 50 MB free disk space.
  • 16-bit SoundBlaster (or compatible) soundcard that supports full duplex at 48 kHz sampling rate for input and output; the input must be without AGC (Automatic Gain Control); recommended: Creative SoundBlaster Live! or "USB One" USB Audio Interface
  • LAN network driver or dial-up network installed.
  • Suitable front end with 12 kHz IF output, output level suitable for soundcard.
Also, many soundcards are not suitable for use with the DRM software, it may be necessary to purchase an external soundcard (see above).

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