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Old 18-09-2014, 19:59   #31
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DRM receiver

Press Release

At IBC on Friday 12th September the DRM Consortium launched the first DRM AM model receiver produced in India for India and for global use.

The AV-DR -1401 designed and produced by Communications Systems Inc under the brand name Avion Electronics of India (www.avionelectronics.in) is a digital DRM SW, MW, as well as analogue AM and FM receiver with stereo reception, offering some of the extra features that make digital superior to analogue: more choice in perfect sound (MPEG audio), multimedia applications and local interactive text and media (Journaline), automatic tuning by station, not frequency, emergency alert capability etc.

The receiver was unveiled at the first DRM ‘Pit-stop’ on Friday 12th September at the Ampegon stand (Hall 8: D35). It was subsequently showcased on Saturday 13th September at Thomson Broadcast, the second ‘Pit stop’ event (Hall 8:C35) and at the “tell and show” event organised by DRM Consortium member Nautel Ltd (Hall 8:C49). At their session ‘Building to a Billion and Beyond’, Nautel representatives and other Consortium companies from India and around the world gave an update on the digital project in India and participants could sample the excellent sound of the new DRM receiver model.

Ankit Agrawal, Director of Communications Systems Inc which produced the new model was thrilled with the interest created by the DRM radio: ”Our receiver performed very well and its audio quality, extra features and ease of use received a lot of positive feedback. IBC participants particularly liked the extended battery life of the receiver and its emergency warning capability. With small adjustments we plan to make the receiver available for order in the next few months.”

Ruxandra Obreja, the Consortium Chairman, says that: “We are very pleased with the exciting announcement on this new Indian receiver. With sufficient orders and support it could do very well and start the receiver ball rolling demonstrating that global, green and extremely cost-effective DRM is not just the future of digital radio but a reality for listeners now.”

Other DRM members present at IBC are: Digidia, Fraunhofer IIs, GatesAir, RFmondial and Transradio.

Avion Electronics DRM Receiver

Plataforma Brasileira do Digital Radio Mondiale

ABRADIG - Associação Brasileira de Radio Digital

Amostras de áudio de algumas rádios DRM:

Youtube channel:

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Old 19-09-2014, 09:34   #32
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New DRM Radio

Not the prettiest radio in the world.

Radios: MR 27024, 2 x Tecsun PL-660, Eton G3 & E5, Tecsun PL-365
Antenna: Homebrew Magnetic Loop (3-30MHz)
Software: Dream v2.2 (svn924) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
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Old 29-12-2017, 01:39   #33
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Originally Posted by Aetheradio
Its Ground Hog Day! with the announcement of a new DRM receiver in India I thought I'd review the products we've been hoping or waiting for during the decade

Gospell GR-227 usb tuner for car radios - xHE-AAC and DRM+, DAB+,AM/FM
Gospell GR-216 - NXP chipset, does xHE-AAC but no DRM+
PantronX Titus2 - tablet based relying on "available apps"
Avion DR-1401 - allegedly does xHE-AAC but not DRM+ compliant
Newstar DR212 - didnt go into production /2015
Newstar DR111 - Mirics Msi002 chip
Newstar W608 board - Mirics Msi001 based
Uniwave - Mirics Msi001 based - discontinued
MsWay DR100 - PNP chipset PN3034? - projects terminated 3/2012
MsWay USB stick - DRM+ / FM only
Kenwood KDC-W7563U DRM - prototype only
Sarapulsky RP 229 DRM - Radioscape 500 module - projects terminated 2012
Sarapulsky portable
Starwaves truckbox - Radioscape module
Technisat - Radioscape module
Himalaya DRM 2009 - Radioscape module
Mayah 2010 - Radioscape module, last date Q4/2003
Morphy Richards - Radioscape module
Roberts - Radioscape module

Updated the list
I have hopes for the GR-227 adaptor and they need to include AMstereo in the tuner so I can convince the 3 stations in my area to flick on the stereo switch which hasnt been used since they were installed
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Old 31-12-2017, 15:43   #34
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Receiver List

Hi Ralph, thanks for the update to the list of DRM radios. I am looking forward to the PantronX Titus2, lets hope the apps will be available!

I am not currently active due to computer problems, the Dream/Winradio computer keeps crashing, perhaps I should really be using one of my 5 radios I have from your list.

Happy New Year to you all.
73 Neil G0SVN
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Old 26-05-2018, 10:26   #35
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Reading the latest press releases on car radios with DRM


Not much believable info there, but I did find a most up to date and definative list (new to me) here:


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Old 13-06-2018, 15:35   #36
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The current state of DRM including RECEIVERS. It's a good overview and reflects a healthy prognosis for global recovery of DRM even though AIR as the state broadcaster in India is the primary adopter of DRM so far. DRM is finally beginning to benefit from all the research and activity over the past 15 years. The naysayers are clearly losing.


Listen to DRM live via AIR's Bangalore transmitter on the SpyNet:

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Old 21-06-2018, 10:39   #37
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Originally Posted by Aetheradio
Reading the latest press releases on car radios with DRM

Not much believable info there, but I did find a most up to date and definative list (new to me) here:



Thanks for the link. When Terje (Digger) moved house/country I inherit his Morphy Richards.
Despite being a DX-er and DRM-listener for many years I can't understand how this Rx is " it's still considered one of the best DRM receivers ever released." I find it truly awkward to tune to any station with this Rx.
Now back to the SDR Airspy HF+
73's Per - SM0ITS
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Old 20-05-2019, 16:40   #38
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Since I need to use a proxy to access public WiFi, I just can't handle the blog at swling.com any more with their captchas so I'll move my commentary to the "General Topics" forum here instead. I wish Thomas well over there at SW Listening Post.


With the availability of digital radio, especially DRM, the capability is just awesome since the listener will have access to visual information as well as audible information. Full-featured digital radios need to be standard, ie. equipped with I/O connectors for video, etc. One can then connect a graphics panel where information can be tailored for the listener just through the setting of a simple option like the timezone. I agree largely with the commentary in this article despite the usual suspects, i.e. naysayers, on the SW Listening Post. The latter group is actually quite humorous at times.

Good observations in this article.

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Old 22-05-2019, 01:07   #39
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Starwaves' W102 DRM Module


These developments are nice and important, but we desperately need a good, reliable, and full-featured DRM radio for a reasonable price. We're getting there, but not as fast as most of us had hoped. Good grief, $30k isn't much money at all these days....about the price for a rare bottle of vintage wine.


These developments are even more important in light of the current problems with moving DReaM to FDK. Currently, the software is broken at r1331 and will probably need a thorough rewrite to get it right. Hence, there is a great need for a low-cost, decent performing DRM receiver. Thankfully, Starwaves is helping and they deserve to reap the reward.

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