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Unhappy I have a D.REAM.....

Hi radiomann & All,

I have searched the answer myself for a long time. It seems to be NO. DREAM seems to work with Windows or Linux only.

I tried to run the software under MAC OS 10.4, but in an emulated Windows environment which is supplied by a software named Virtual PC. Unfortunately the Windows PC simulated is not very powerful, even though I used a PowerBook G4!!!

FhG Software worked, but not really good: I suffered from periodic dropouts, caused by system overload every 7,5 minutes (the whole bad story can be still read under soundcard issues..)

And any attempt to start DREAM made the system freeze!

So now I misuse my companys Laptop for DRM decoding.

I wold be VERY glad, to hear about a proper MAC solution.

73, Andreas

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