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Report from 24.04.2015:

The transmission started early. I noticed TEST MUSIC with music at 1720 UTC and the REGULAR SERVICE was silent at that point. Soon after at 1723 UTC the RF signal disappeared. Around 1730 UTC the signal came back on the air.

A strong signal with 55 dBuV into my receiver, but the Channel Impulse Ratio
is again very bad. Chopped up audio all the time. And after 1856 UTC there
was no decoded audio at all despite this strong RF signal. Now at 2012 UTC
the SNR hovers around 18 dB, but like I wrote above, there is ZERO decoded

A 182 minutes long, partly unattended with 25.25% decoded audio. Max SNR was 24.21 dB at 1732 UTC.

Despite an average SNR of 22 dB the decoded audio was only 50.6% between
1730-1856 UTC. There must be a better configuration?! I still believe that
the bad CIR is the biggest problem to the decoding here in Scandinavia.
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