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Originally Posted by tpreitzel
OT - No. I had already replaced all the UTP Ethernet cables with SSTP Cat 7. I identified 3 unshielded audio cables. Audio cables are the biggest problem IMO. I've ordered 3 shielded audio cables manufactured by Mediabridge to replace the current ones. At this point, I'm basically finished with the cabling.
I too had suffered at this issue. Recently bought few 3.5mm E P to E P stereo cables. when I tried them, I had heavy noise on the SD radio graph, even without connecting the cable at SDR side. when i slit open the cable i found that they had just used 3 wires instead of 2 wires and shield. In fact they are supposed to use separate shield for each channel ( L or R ).

Later i bought fresh ones , supposedly supplied with DELL machines. Now only i could restore the low levels like -120dB etc. Perhaps the three wire cables are meant for speakers etc with high drive levels , they feel , no need for shield
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