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Digital Radio Mondiale

DRM - Enjoy perfect
Short Wave reception -
enjoy it while it is still there

The Digital Revolution on Short Wave - will it pick up at last during 2019?
Will China increase the interest in DRM on short wave?

It will be interesting to find out when and what
PantronX's Titus II will add to DRM listening

With a proper transmitter DRM configuration, short wave listening could be a pure sensation!



Beautifully stated. Evidently, the DRM Consortium needs to define a "proper transmitter DRM configuration" for shortwave broadcasting. Emphasis really needs to be placed on a proper transmitter configuration for shortwave by the consortium since so few digital broadcasts currently exist. DRM needs more than slick marketing. DRM needs proper technical deployment which will sell it more than any type of marketing. We'll get there eventually, but many of us may be well past our prime.
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