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Soundcard Test Results Thread

Hi to all!

The computer based reception of DRM Transmisssions depends very much on the quality of the soundcards you use in your PC. I/Q-Receiver concepts, like the new SDR from Elektor, rely on that even more. So it's maybe useful to know, if your soundcard is capable for good reception.

Best test-setup for comparison would be to use the Soundcardtester from Elektor 07/05, available at AK-Modulbus ( ) , explained at, some other results and connection diagram at:

Please post your soundcard-test-results here for comparison.

Ok, the first results arrived and i try to make a summery here at the first post

Soundcards that should work very good with I/Q SDR's:

Soundcards that work good with I/Q SDR's:

Soundcards which you can use for start, but work less good:

Soundcards you should avoid for I/Q SDR use:


It seems to be that the level of image rejection can differ from one Soundcard-Tester to another one. So more or less image rejection in following posts don't need to mean weak image rejection in the real RX.

"Pappradio" 2 SDR / Himalaya 2009, near Leer/Ostfriesland (Web remote-controlled) 15m Long-Wire / Active Deltaloop, Asus Xonar 192 kHz / Realtek HD Soundcard, Atom 330 ITX Mainboard, rural area; 53'10N, 7'27E;

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