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Question WINB Datcasting - Latency Arbitrage?

I continue to be very slow on the uptake, and yet zfyoung always makes good sense.

I decided to peruse the FCC transmitter application files. What first caught my attention was the emission designator 10K00G9W - that meant some kind of data transmission - other than just DRM.

So I start going through the public FCC WINB files and notice that connected to their new Amplifier Systems, Inc. linear amplifier is a Datacasting Modulator! This modulator is fed by the DRM OFDM and a separate data signal.

Now isn't that special!

I guess that WINB wants to get onto the "Latency Arbitrage" phenomenon where money can be made by trying to beat the financial trading information time that goes over a normal overseas fiber optic cable. The rationale being that electromagnetic waves travel slower through glass than through the ionosphere.

If that is true, and I am only speculating, then it will be interesting to see if the data simulcast with DRM will be successful. Particularly since it is not recommended for the hf bands.

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