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Now I have this radio. But none DRM signal.
Ok, I can tune some DRM TX, but most have weak signal.
Using Dream and home made HF SDR, I pickup AIR, RNZI, and others, some time with audio.
I buy MR 27024 from
Is for EU8.32 on 2014/12/19
But paid EU20.92 last month, took all most one month to delivered to Brazil. And need to pay custom taxes (R$85,06).

Firmware upgraded.
FM and AM ok.
DRM on testing.
No DAB on Brazil.
Need to replace power supply, I have only on wall socket with 220VAC, others are 127VAC.

Now, I trying to understand how to use it.

Some questions:
Is possible to change MW step from 9kHz to 10kHz?
Can upload (sd card) a use full station schedule?
Manually save station frequency?
Have a alternative firmware?
I found some hardware modifications, but none about firmware.

Plataforma Brasileira do Digital Radio Mondiale

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