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Brendan et al,

I just started reading this thread, and agree with all your comments. I have several IBOC receivers, including one in my car. Subjectively the FM digital seems to work, but the AM digital does not. There is only one station transmitting MW IBOC in Atlanta. The audio quality of that digital signal is noticeably very poor. Furthermore, the AM IBOC only works with very strong ground wave signals. There is an AM IBOC station in Nashville, Tennessee, that provides an extremely strong skywave signal into this area after dark but it is impossible to decode the night time digital signal.

In my opinion a DRM medium wave broadcasting system would be a correct move for the USA. However what is logical and correct does not always mean that it will be adopted here. For example, take our system of measurement. The US is the only country (apart from a very few small Island nations) that has not adopted the metric system!


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