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WINB 15120 kHz

The WINB DRM signal on 15120 kHz is quite strong right now (1350 UTC, Tues 2 April 2019) here in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, as heard in AM mode on my Satellit 750. But propagation is highly variable this morning and it goes quiet often. When the signal is up, like now, the peculiar audio of an AM reading of WINB is there (the lower sideband filled with a seemingly multiplex hum, and the upper sideband with a characteristic DRM whoosh).

My MR27027 (+ 8m wire aerial) gives MER rates as high as 17 dB but with no audio decoding. However, mostly the MER rate is quite a lot lower, anywhere from zero up to 10 dB.

My Avion AV-DR-1401 (with a Sony AN LP1 loop antenna) has been registering lower MER rates, often zero when the AM-heard signal is quite loud on the Sat 750.
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