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Originally Posted by DRM-OM
Just look at the maps published in above linked doc. (page 10 and 11)
Nighttime is roughly 1/3 of daytime - diameter of reception zone wise.
AM is plotted on page 9 with comment in the text:

Just read the document, I will not post my personal oppinion here.

Hi, Bernhard. I'd read that document before I posted the last comment. And what I really mean is 'what if their DRM software decoder is less than perfect, esp. in dealing with co-channel interference?' But of course, that is pure speculation only. For a final conclusion, I had to lay my hands on the actual recorded IF signal and see if I can extract some audio out of the supposedly 'bad' signal.

BTW,I found your experiment with 'co-channel interference to DRM signal' in the other thread is quite interesting. Would you just be kind enough to send me the recorded IF signal esp. the one with 'carrier at +10Hz from center'? because in the same thread, another forum member 'oh2bfo' verify your result and come up with a simple solution -notch filter. I'd like to give it a investigation. Thanks.
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