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Signal remained strong and stable all the time, but sound was lost at about 11 UTC (I was not listening at the moment). Break in TX at 11:22 did not bring it back. Another break 11:32, no success neither. At 11:45 data source was labeled TDPRadio! No sound though. New TX breaks at 11:51, 11:55, and 11:57 again.

After 11:57 it was ok with proper source information and CRI audio, and with the stable 26 dB. I had no chance to listen all the time but I kept recording. Looking at the graphics now, I see that there were no more interruptions.
AAC SBR param stereo 19.1 kbps + Slideshow 1.8 kbps

(What an interesting log I could have had. I wonder if I should install Dream again..?)
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