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Originally Posted by mitajohn
A partially unattended log. The DRM transmission started around 18:04, before that was AM. I do not know what happened after about 20:20, may be the propagation conditions changed and the signal dropped. Max SNR noticed 35.5dB.

Hi John, exactly the same noted here, the signal started to drop and I could see on the waterfall that there was a lot of selective fading on the signal, it started to drop out a lot after 20:20.

Apart from the slightly late start it had been very good up until then. This may have been to blame:

Strong solar flare and CME

After days of suspenseful quiet, huge sunspot AR2665 finally erupted on July 14th (0209 UT), producing a powerful M2-class solar flare.

The explosion was underway for more than two hours and hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth.

Geomagnetic storms and high-latitude auroras are likely when the CME arrives this weekend.

Visit for images and updates.

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