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Radio. Menschen & Geschichten in DRM 27th January 2019

Hi All,

I just saw this post on the RMG Facebook page, very interesting that they are planning to re-broadcast it in DRM as well:

Radio. Menschen & Geschichten

Our next show will be broadcast on the next Sunday, 27.01.2019 From 10-11 pm cet to breakfast but first digital on the web as livestream and then as a podcast, from 19-20 pm cet to 5830 Khz in classic on and from 20:30-21:30 pm cet to 5830 Khz in drm. 00 kw each, each direction Europe.

Modified NRD-525G with
Radiokit DRM Decoder Board,
SDRplay RSP-1A, SDR Console v3

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