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been thinking of a similar question for part 15 (USA) and LPFM (NZ) broadcast where for me the licence is free 1 watt of FM with antenna restrictions - there are small one man stations in most places

most of these pay a fee around $200 to a copyright consortium per year plus their costs of sourcing the material

so if I use a free stream such as iHeart or Radionomy as the source the royalties are already covered. Or is this different to a home user streaming same content via video sender / WiFi / Bluetooth to speakers around the property?

Originally Posted by tpreitzel
While listening to a comment by Ray Robinson of KVOH that he wasn't necessary wedded to shortwave, a flash of inspiration appeared in my mind.

Although I haven't read about this idea elsewhere, I'm fairly sure that this possibility has been discussed previously by other people.

Can the Creative Commons license be extended to include distribution of content solely via shortwave? In other words, create a license for content that is only legally distributed via shortwave frequencies. Maybe, restricting distribution for open content via shortwave will help sustain shortwave's viability.

PS I haven't checked the Creative Commons licenses for quite awhile.
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