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RxDis experiences, amplitude/phase

Hallo to all,

thank for the hint to RxDis. I run it parallell with other programms.

There is the possiblity to generate by routine an optimizing of amplitude/phase.

But: I have the experience, that I see peaks in RxDis, which I do partly not see in the parallel running programm. They are changing but remain on the same frequency.

As far as I am able to see during running DREAM with 12 kHz offset these peaks are coming and going. I think, they are changing by time and chance. But there seems to be a relation between higher SNRs in DREAM. They change with the changing value of the peak.

Conclusion, question: It could be, that the optimizing between amplitude and phase is changing by ? changing amplitude and phase of the incoming signal as phase-relations change.

If this is representive, one should have a continuos - every time active - phase/amplitude optimizing and till now not a momentous fixing by hand or procedure.

The 3 kHz peak in the left side channel is as far as I able to see, a phantom signal generated by RxDis.

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