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What we have and what not

Hallo to all,

we have manual adjusting in:

o SDRADIO by Alberto

o WINRAD by Alberto

o G8JCFSDR by Peter Carnegie

As told in the first document by Oscar, the optimization of Amplitude and Phase is dependend from the frequency. A certain old experience by only hardware I/Q receivers, historical ones. One fixing seems only optimized for one frequency, we have chosen. This means: The process needs a new manual optimizing after changing the frequency we were tuning.

RxDis does the job by optimising itself after calling the routine.

Automatically I/Q optimizing will need more CPU load.

Lets hope, that Bernd Reiser gets the problem solved by studying the mathematics and programming for SoDiRa.

It would be an extreme progress to have it.

I mentioned a lot, that after optimizing working with the SDR of Peter, that I had to opitimize manually for a new frequency. I started the Elektor_SDR receiver with the SDR and DREAM after adjusting phase and amplitude and got a relatively nice SNR of 37 dB SNR with an not so superb antenna.

Nice to see and wait

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