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Originally posted by dk8cb

Didn't I write that shortwave will always have it's physical limitations?

I have been a listener to the BBC WS on AM for many, many years since the age of about 14 and I have never had such a good audio quality and such enjoyable reception as I do now, so for me, DRM is something which made me listen more than ever before and a technological improvement which I won't miss.


Roland I have never said the sound quality is poor, It's great, what I have always said is SW AM or DRM is unstable so why do broadcasters like RTL who rely on commercials use it, that is my debate, 6095, 5990 after sunset useless, 1440 it's either good or bad, 7145 southern half of the UK poor, 7295 better but average audio 60%.
DRM will work for DW and other International broadcaster as they mainly broadcast a few hours on differant frequencies which works.

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