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Originally posted by DRM-Fan
I'm not being negative Roland about the mode, I think it's fastastic though the hi-fi as I've said before, but about the lack of interest broadcasters (and ofcom) seem to be showing about it certainly in the UK.

On what basis are you making that assertion given that Ofcom is to ask whether AM licences should be re-advertised as DRM ones and the participation in shortwave DRM tests on 9, 11 and 26 Mhz by UK commercial radio companies and the three major Uk transmitter companies.

Originally posted by DRM-Fan
The spec has been finalised radios are out soon - if you can believe radioscape / roberts next month even - but where are the exciting new MW and SW tests ?!!

To say there are no MW freqs available I just don't buy. If ofcom and broadcasters in the UK were THAT keen I'm sure a handful of tests would be 'out there' right now. To use 26 mhz IMO is just playing about with tests...

The lack of medium wave UK frequencies not already licenced has been mentioned and analysed on other forums as well as by Ofcom itself.
Which frequency or frequencies could be used for UK DRM tests apart from 225?

Originally posted by DRM-Fan Comapre this stuation with DRM, how many stations for the UK ? Radio Luxenburg and BBC WS, I make that 2 - wow!

The BBC WS DRM service is not targeting the UK as far as I am aware and Radio Luxembourg's tests have not been wholly successful.
Are you now talking about shortwave DRM? Given that there were tests towards the UK from Moosbrun by UK commercial companies and religious broadcasters those could resume. WRN is also interested in DRM so they might be interested in putting out the WRN English service on shortwave via DRM. We need to get receivers on the market in quantity to make that feasible. Given the amount of stations on FM, DAB and digital satellite in the UK there's only a limited amount of potential for DRM here at the moment, more if the AM licencees agree to readvertise the frequencies for DRM use and Ofcom are going to pose the question.

DRM seems to making more progress in the UK than in many other countries in Europe it seems to me.
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