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I was lucky enough to sit down by the radio just a couple of minutes after 1600 UTC and check for WINB's DRM test on 15670 kHz.

I got a few minutes of its label before the signal disappeared. It was strong, at least for a little while, andI was surprised I could not get any audio decoded -- the MER remained high (11-15 dB) for stretches of 30 seconds or so. I wonder if they were actually b/cg any audio. . .

The fading was deep and the MER would keep shooting down to zero dB. By 1607, the signal had practically disappeared. Right now, just after 1645 UTC, there's nothing there and there hasn't been anything for twenty minutes or so.

By the way, I was very pleased to see that WINB's DRM mode reset my radio's time and date. Since the MorphyRichards has such a slow way to reset time & date, I have mostly given up on it. The majority of DRM txrs don't bother implementing that aspect of their signal (like, say, RRI) which is a bit annoying. Nigeria used to, though it was an unreliable time, and the BBC does, but I can only very irregularly pick them up. I hope WINB continues if only to reset my clock!

MorphyRichards 27024 set attached to an eight-metre wire strung out my window to the fence. In downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, about 2000 km to the NE of Red Lion, Pennsylvania where WINB is.
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