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Seems I missed something - this thread . . .

Hi all

I just came across this thread today, sorry.

The best solution is to create "C:\Drmplot\" (unfortunately it [still] needs to be in that specific folder). Then put the DRM-Plotter's EXE file there. Then run the programme.

If you already have a folder "C:\DRMPlot" with files in it and you try different versions of the plotter you may get problems because of the length of the file "drmplot.ini". One solution is to delete (or rename) the drmplot.ini and restart the plotter. Another solution is to rename the DRMPlot folder and create a new "C:\DRMPlot" and put the DRM-Plotter's exe file there.

The newest version uses drmplotTER.ini, so no conflicts should happen.

After the installation, an error message could appear: "COMDLG32.OCX (or sometimes MSCOMCTL.OCX) is missing or not properly registered". Look for these on the web. I put them both into my Windows System32 folder. Look for them in the web.

The registration of these files are more or less the same in XP and Vista:

1. Copy COMDLG32.OCX to C:\DRMPlot\ (if not done already).

2. Then do the following. Go to:
Start / All Programs / click "Accessories" / right-click "Command Prompt" / select "run as Administrator".
A DOS-window opens in:


3. Now, write the following directly after the prompt ">":
regsvr32 c:\drmplot\comdlg32.ocx [Enter]

4. An Infobox opens:
DllRegisterServer in C:\DRMPlot\comdlg32.ocx succeeded [OK]"

5. Run DRM-Log Plotter.

A word of caution: Some Dream versions log the RXL (the signal level). These files will crash in the Drm-Log Plotter. Upon request I cand send a version that works with those CSV files.

A "ReadMe.txt" was added to the ZIP this evening (10th June).

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