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Hi Philip,

Good point, I'd often felt that the signal seemed to be heading out on a westerly bearing, and those who are a bit further south are getting the best of it. I found the following on their website, my bearing appears to be about 71 degrees, so I'm surprised my reception isn't better, unless the beam is fairly narrow that is. I can see the trace on Dream for most of the time, it's just that the SNR is always a bit borderline so it may be just a power issue:

"A new DRM transmitter, an ASI CE-50000WS, was installed in April 2018 and is in program test at random times. The transmitter is rated at 15 kW and is using the Rhombic antenna at 062 degrees. The authorized schedule for this transmitter is: Monday-Friday 0700-0900 on 7325 kHz, 0900-1100 on 9265 kHz, 1100-1700 UTC on 15670 kHz."

Originally Posted by PhilipOneL
Right now, from 1325 to 1335 UTC, in downtown St John's, Newfoundland, about a third the way between Pennsyvania and Lancashire, I'm getting not a bit of signal at all from the WINB DRM transmission. My MR27024 doesn't show any sign of perceiving its presence, and my Satellit 750 doesn't produce a DRM-hiss on the fq.

At the same time, WWCR, Nashville, Tenn., is getting through just up the dial at 15825 kHz. Wavey but clear enough to follow their news and ads etc.

I wonder if WINB has tweaked its angles of transmission recently.

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