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26 apr 2015

The transmission started with AM today. I was surprised to hear this, but I left the radio on the frequency and at 1747 UTC it switched to DRM. A strong signal with >60 dBuV into my receiver's antenna, but the audio was slightly chopped up all the time despite the relatively high mean SNR of 24.5 dB for the whole transmission. Is the protection level 3/0 the best they can do with this configuration?

A 282 minutes long, mostly unattended with 91.5% decoded audio. Max SNR was 29.5 dB at 2117 UTC. The Doppler was lower tonight with an average of 0.32 Hz. This, plus the slightly better Channel Impulse Ratio might have helped to produce more decoded audio.

A programme announcer mentioned "Non-Stop Express" at 2030 UTC on the TEST MUSIC channel followed by light Indian music. The Regular Service started in English, but later on I heard native language(s) and typical Indian music like the transmissions on 9.950 MHz.
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