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Originally Posted by Digger
@Zyg: I looked in the HFCC list and the 13 MHz transmission seems to be thought for USA according to the CIRAF zones and the 15 MHz for Europe. Did you try 13.650 MHz yet?

Hi Terje,

I have tried but nothing received on 13650 kHz at my location.

The latest HFCC shows the KBD 13650 kHz beam direction as 350 which is too far north for the Eastern USA (but might be OK for the West Coast).

This frequency, 15540 kHz, has a much better heading of 310 and according to VOACAP should be very good towards the end of the broadcast period.

Unfortunately the reports on this thread show the reception to be poor for the area. Interestingly, contrary to the VOACAP prediction, Clint in Brazil is getting a great signal.

Maybe their antenna beam directions are different from that published?

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