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That is interesting, but - no - I didn't note the capacitors' values or other numbers. The technician, however, read them both when I dropped by and he was looking for replacements. I believe I saw three similar-looking capacitors on the board when he showed me. Two were smaller than the third. One of the two small ones (the one closest to one of the sides of the circuit board) and the big one (which was closest to the other side) were the failed ones. The one in the middle seemed to be okay.

On the power rating, when I originally received my MR set, it came with an AC adaptor that was made for the UK mains supply. I tried several new ones before I found one that neither overheated, since the MR draws so much power, nor produced too much noise for the DRM to be decoded. I am using a linear adaptor made by Triad, a 9 volt, 2.3 amp jobby. It's large, and runs just barely warm but perfectly silently with regard to RFI.

The technician tells me he'll have some more word on my radio the end of this week.

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