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Capacitors blowing in MorphyRichards 27024

I brought my MorphyRichards 27024 in to my local electronics repair shop a week ago and it finally moved up to the top of the queue for repair today. I had ordered (thanks to Neil GOSVN) and received a new rotary encoder and the plan was for the technician to install it for me.

When he opened it he discovered the top of one capacitor had been blown off (by overheating?) and the cover of another was swelling. He is going to replace both of them for me.

This set was at our out-of-town weekend place which we don't get to for weeks on end sometimes. I wonder if the damage was a case of the radio turning itself on in my absence, running unobserved for weeks, and finally overheating itself. Has anyone had similar experiences? (Certainly the MR27024 is well known for its turning itself on.)

Apparently both capacitors continued to work because, except for tuning troubles on the rotary encoder, the set continued to function.

. . . Or: is it possible that the lack of one or both capacitors caused the (otherwise good) rotary encoder *not* to do its job?

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