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Exclamation New version 6.0 Pro

Here it comes, the new version 6.0 Professional of DRMcalc! The new fieldstrength feature is only usable with DRMLogger 3.0 or DRMDisco 3.0 and DRM Software Radio and only a few recivers at the moment.

Changes and new features are:
- read and display fieldstrength from log file
- calculating average fieldstrength
- merging fieldstrength from DRMLogger.log or DRMDisco.log with DRM Software Radio log file
- displaying 2nd service label from 2nd log file
- quick access button to DRM RX forum
- calculating average fieldstrength
- resized main form
- reduced font size for profile text line
- changed some typings
- detection of log files from Winradio improved
- removed download counter for dmtx.txt file
- newest logs are now on top in both record selection listboxes
- cleared 2nd log data, when another 1st record is selected

Free download as usual here:
regards, Carsten
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