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Radio Romania 11650 kHz DRM 16-QAM Spanish


Dear Mr. Braccini,

Due of last days tuning difficulties with one of our transmitters, we had
to change to analog AM 13810 kHz and run DRM 15670 kHz.
We are in progress to modify the settings of one transmitter to DRM mode D,
16 QAM (recommended to be used for long distances) and keep the other one
with actual settings for near distances.
According with prediction for new A18 season, the best bands are 13 MHz and
15 MHz - they are little bit better than 11 MHz and 13 MHz.
As differences are not significant, we propose to run a test as follow:
this week we'll continue running 15670 kHz in DRM, and next week we'll test
11650 kHz in DRM (this is completely clear channel), and kindly ask you to
send us a feedback.

Thank you and best regards.

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