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Originally Posted by Steve Martin
Hello. I'm an editor at the BBC and am working with Julian and colleagues on the new BBC & DW channel.

I would be very keen to hear comments, however subjective, about the sound quality, especially in comparison with other DRM services you may receive.

For my money I'd like to see an increase of the audio bandwidth. Perhaps you could ditch the P-Stereo in favour of a single wider audio channel instead of 2 skinnier ones.

Program content could also be improved. If the test was indicative of the programming content it is very one sided in favour of DW. Even then they chose to offer the same program repeatedly on all the HF outputs I could hear.

Perhaps an alternating of BBC/DW would be better? Here in the US we can hear Wooferton and Sines very well as probably does the rest of Europe. It's quite possible that listeners would follow any frequency change and therefore would like to hear some variety.

Other than that it was OK.

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