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Originally Posted by tpreitzel
If the current geomagnetic storms in the northern hemisphere are an example, only the Vatican's robust transmissions to the HFCC 2015 conference will prove remotely reliable over the week.

Yesterday, Thurs 28/8/15, I caught the Vatican's DRM b/c on 11890kHz 2230 -2300 UTC. I don't know whether they were aiming towards me (in eastern Newfoundland, Canada), but their power (250 kW) probably sent it in all directions. I'm listening right now to the recording I made on the MR27024 (with an outdoor eight-metre wire aligned W-E). The signal was best around 2240 with very close to 100% audio decoding for five or six minutes. But by 2252 it had deteriorated substantially with only about 15% audio decoding, and by 2250 there was no apparent signal at all.
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