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WINB audio versus WJHR

The WINB received audio bandwidth is less than 4kHz.

Sometime ago, in another thread, I argued that if the resultant decoded DRM audio is of such low fidelity, the broadcaster would probably do better by going with a SSB transmission.

This afternoon whilst listening to a KiwiSDR receiver (in the state of Maine) I came across the SSB 15555 kHz broadcast signal of WJHR from Milton, Florida.

It was interesting to subjectively compare the audio quality of these two broadcasts. Although they both had similar religious programs, the audio received from WJHR was a lot clearer than that of WINB (and with no drop outs)!

I am unable, usually, to receive the WJHR transmission as my location is too close to their transmitter.

According to the HFCC WJHR beams almost due north at 5 degrees with a power of 50 kW to a log periodic antenna. Judging from the signal strength they are probably running far less than the published power output.

I managed to receive WJHR on several KiwSDR receivers in Europe.

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