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Mysterious signal on 3267kHz

Hello. It's my first post on this forum.

Today, this evening I have found a mysterious DRM signal on 3267kHz. The signal is weak but quite stable. Audio doesn't decode because either the signal is too weak or this broadcast is run by xhe-aac codec, which is not widely avaliable yet.

Here are some screenshots:

First reception was made about 2 hours ago, now (~23:45 cet) the signal is a few dB stronger and dream decodes FDC and SDC instantly. The only piece of information I found on it is this post about similar station:

My location: Kraków (Cracow) / Poland
Receiver: AirSpy HF+
Antenna: Discone (temporarily until I put some proper hf antenna)

I've just posted the same information in polish on blog.
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