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A cursory check of the shortwave bands today impressed me for the first time in my life, i.e. fairly clean bands. Even a noisy neighbor who routinely violates FCC regulations was absent ... So, step number 1 has been largely accomplished with the exception of some state broadcasters still polluting the bands with propaganda. Hopefully, those remaining state broadcasters will soon leave shortwave for the Spynet where they can snoop on their listeners.

Now, digital shortwave is ready to take flight with commercial entities and their good, if not great, content that enriches and truly informs their listeners. Despite some naysayers, the potential of DRM on frequencies capable of international transmission is just too tremendous to ignore forever. We're close to a renaissance. I wish I could say exactly when that renaissance will flower, but it has budded in my opinion.

Ah, the shortwave bands are so clean this morning ... just waiting for good content delivered digitally.

I started this thread in an attempt to improve the digital experience on shortwave. I still believe every word written by me. The phrase, "ignorance is bliss", has WRONGLY acquired a negative connotation over the years. All humans are ignorant and increasing specialization has only worsened the disparity. Life is balance and unwise choices frequently have disastrous effects. Ignorance is actually an important defense mechanism which helps humans cope with overload so CHOOSE wisely and ENJOY life. Study some, but observe much. Don't trust anyone, even people with governmental degrees. Experiment yourself as time allows. Use that radio to forecast propagation as much as possible. Hopefully soon, we'll have some good digital content to enrich our lives as well.

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