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DRM has a problem with its image due to poor digital configurations on shortwave for over a decade. The AAC+ codec was fine for the MW band, but has its limitations on shortwave which unfortunately encouraged shortwave broadcasters to use MSCs of 64 QAM. This problem can only be resolved through sane configurations appropriate for shortwave, i.e. MSCs of 16 QAM, and the xHE-AAC codec. Of the current digital broadcasters, only VoN has an appropriate configuration. Although VoN still has room for improvement within the constraint of 16 QAM, it's main issue even at the currently low bit-rate is poor quality of audio from their remotes. The studio production from VoN is acceptable at such a low bit-rate. However, if VoN ever returns to digital shortwave, they should certainly adopt the xHE-AAC codec instead of AAC+.

Hence, the recovery of DRM's tarnished image will take additional some time and persistence unfortunately. It's high time for shortwave broadcasters to get with the program of robust configurations and the xHE-AAC codec.

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