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The DRM Consortium needs to adopt a creative attitude of enticing their members to control their clients' configurations. After all, selling DRM transmitters is only part of promoting DRM.

For example, except for Diveemo, forbid the use of 64 QAM modulation on the HF bands. For Diveemo (if ever standardized), limit targets to less than 2000 miles and MSCs of 64 QAM. For both digital AUDIO and Diveemo on the shortwave bands, short range targets of less than 2000 miles should also use relatively low power with steeper T/O angles and frequencies below 5.1 MHz (60m) or above 17.5 MHz (16m). With the xHE-AAC codec, digital audio on the HF bands doesn't need the bandwidth of Diveemo so an outright BAN of MSCs of 64 QAM should be part of the DRM standard for digital AUDIO transmissions on HF. Unfortunately, DRM SW broadcasters don't seem to have the required discipline to circumvent such a ban.

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