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I've included a picture of my antenna system. It's a product of some imagination and experience. Personally, I don't like clutter, but I need to do certain things. I constantly strive to balance time, money, and space. We can literally move our entire household with a bicycle and a trailer if needed.

I only wish manufacturers were as considerate in their designs of equipment. Although the wideband magnetic loop is an excellent concept, it's currently a bit too expensive. The RF PRO-1B is built like a tank and performs extremely well. The outdoor UHF/VHF antenna is made by 1byOne and can be purchased from Amazon. It's fairly well made for its low price and surprisingly performs above average. but don't expect great performance. The 1byOne will pull in ATSC stations indoor from about 10 miles away. Before attaching the 1ByOne, I received about 6 listenable FM stations at night. After attaching the 1ByOne, the number jumped to more than 40 listenable stations. In this picture, the VHF/UHF antenna is obviously not connected.

You'll have to decide where your priorities lie, but radio is a tool for me, not an end in itself. Hopefully, the picture will give new listeners some help in planning their systems. One doesn't need wires and equipment everywhere. Good luck.

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