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Originally Posted by Aetheradio
good results. Do you have any comparison recordings of RNZI when they broadcast DRM and AM simultaneously using their same power (PEP capability wise ) transmitters? I can always get a fair AM signal but rarely get any audio from the DRM - being located too close. Its worse on the car radio so I use Radio Australia there. But they dont seem to do DRM to compare.

Not at the moment since I'm living in a basement apartment. Other members of this forum might, though.

Originally Posted by Aetheradio

I've updated the Blog with my last AM stereo vs. DRM tests, also plagued by some intermittent transmitted noise - which turned out to be a faulty 24v switchmode plugpack I was using for the carrier generator.


I've ordered a hum eliminator in an attempt to kill the hum on my AM stereo broadcasts. When I do, I'll post some files comparing reception of AM stereo and DRM at very low power levels. I'm pretty sure that AM stereo will only work acceptably at very short distances with such low power. As it is, I had to increase the RF output from the ASMAX-1 transmitter significantly in an attempt to match the range of the DRMAX-1 transmitter. AM stereo sounds great at short range with my Meduci MW-2. Since the Meduci MW-2 isn't a very sensitive receiver, I lose the AM stereo signal beyond ~ 50 feet from the antenna. I'm currently looking for a more sensitive AM stereo receiver for testing my ASMAX-1 transmitter, but I suspect a robust DRM transmission will be superior in nearly every way at such low power levels.
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