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So this is not only the end of a chapter in Deutsche Welle's history, but also the end of an era: shortwave-broadcasting from Portugal.
It would be so nice to see the station in Sines is kept by whoever, but I fear that this won't be the case.

I can only repeat what I already said in a different thread.

Carlos, I was shocked when I heard the news. The decision to close the Sines transmitter makes me very sad as I was able to visit the station some years ago and met the people who made the well transmission-quality possible and kept everything running (actually I am not sure if I even met you for a short moment...!). I will never forget the tx-station in Sines, a very special day in my DXing-"career" and an impressive experience.

If we want to find the reasons for why DRM is at the position where it is in Europe currently, we have to look somewhere else, but not at Profunk / DW-Sines. (...)

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