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Bitrates - display

On the Morphy Richards, it sppears there are many flaws weith it. I am generally impressed but it will not do the following. (If anyone knows of a way to do the following please let me know):

1 It will not store FM RDS labels in the menu that are the same as those in DAB - ie "BBC Radio 2" (DAB) is stored - but BBC R2 (RDS FM) is not.

Also, it will not store 909 kHz for Radio 5 Live - even though the DAB version is in the list.

Another example in NW England is Century on 105.4 MHz - a regional station for those who don't know. DAB "Century MW" is stored, but "Century" (RDS) is not.

How do I get the radio to store both analogue and digital labels of the same stations? (BTW analogue audio is a bit distorted but the digital sound is great).

2 I cannot get the radio to display the bitrate of a digital station - ie how many kBit/sec it is broadcasting at. Nor can I get the radio to show signal strangth Error % - eg 0 is perfect signal.

How do I get the software upgraded in the radio to allow any of these functions if they have been added since it was packed - ie it may have been changed since it was sent out from Germany.

I only got the radio yesterday - if anyone can help with this please let me know. Thanks.

(BTW reception report - 1440 was audible on and off in Wirral on this receiver until at least 0915 this morning - not bad really).
Equipment: Morphy Richards DRM Radio

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