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Hi Hans,

Thanks a lot for the update. I'd noticed that some programmes like 'Your Weekend Show', 'Doctor Wong' and 'Studio DX' seemed to appear at regular times, but many of the others without any regularity, so that explains things now.

I've been recording much of this week's output (in between drop outs), and it has been quite good at times during the mid-afternoon period here. I've also done a few screen dumps of the signal on my Dream software, and was planning to get some reports off to you.

I am subscribed to your Twitter feed, but being the only person on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone I have to remember to check it on my browser occasionally! :-)

I've just added a second sound card at long last, so can leave the DRM decoder running all the time now, which is a big help.

Thanks again,

Originally Posted by Cumbredx
Hi Alan - Most of the time, we are taking a stream from our analogue service.
You would find it // to our internet and/or telephone streams.

Since we are not on both analogue and DRM at the same time, what you are hearing is a repeat of what we ran the day before on the analogue service.
You can find that schedule at

We have a few DRM-only programs such as Wavescan. I have been announcing such programs via Twitter at @SWWINB

I hope this helps and saves you the trouble of trying to compile a schedule from scratch.

I'd welcome any screen shots and/or audio files you have have, you can send them to or share them via Twitter. Thanks.



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