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Good stuff. I'm pleased to see CDNSE continue to improve their line of DRM receivers. The time is NOW for DRM and CDNSE has positioned themselves to reap the rewards of their labor. Although I haven't looked at the specifications yet, I certainly hope it includes the ability to decode the xHE-AAC codec. It probably will since availability is still about a year away.

The new DR212 MULTIMEDIA receiver will probably be a hit and demand should be much higher than the DR111. Hopefully, CDNSE will continue to produce the DR111A for a couple of years as a low-end member of their product line. Broadcasters will need to continue using AAC+ in addition to the new xHE-AAC codec for several years anyway. The demand for the DR111 is still more than 800 units short currently.

Do requests for single units still need to flow through Peter as he seems to be acting as a global manager for CDNSE's production?

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