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Originally posted by carknue
It is not necessary to have an open internet connection in order to work with DRMcalc 4.0. The delay should only be 1-2 seconds. DRMcalc is fully functional without an internet connection.

Hi Carsten,

if one has an open internet connection but has denied DRMcalc the right to access this connection through an appropriately configured firewall or if one has to do this manually (because the programme does not contain such a feature itself), then it will take longer!

If DRMCalc does not have the switch built-in anymore, what then is the function of the checkbox, marked in the attachment?

Everybody has a different taste and that is the reason why I will not make colors user changeable. Then everybody would have his own colors ...

It is very strange to read this in a statement from someone who, in the past, was among the first ones to modify Dream for a different color scheme in accordance with his personal taste.

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