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Thumbs up Dream - more improvements

Sorry to interrupt your filter discussion, but there are some new features added to the CVS version of Dream I'd like to post here:

Now Dream writes an INI file and saves configuration and window placement data.
If you open the Dream.ini in an editor you can add your coordinates (in degrees and minutes). Then Dream will insert these coordinates into your logs. Now the resulting DreamLog.txt file is compatible with the log file created by the DRM Software Radio (though the CRC entry is still missing) and it works with Carsten's reception analyser tool "DRMcalc" perfectly.

That's how the Dream.ini looks like:
[Logfile] frequency=9800 latitude=5100'N longitude=649'E startlog=0 [Receiver] filter=0 flipspectrum=0 mlciter=2 muteaudio=0 snddevin=-1 snddevout=-1 [Window geometry] analdemhsize=419 analdemvis=0 analdemwsize=704 analdemxpos=316 analdemypos=316 mainhsize=490 ...
BTW: Yesterday new FAAD libraries have been released so I hope we can expect Dream to decode parametric stereo soon...

Regards - DigiBC
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