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Talking Listening in south of Brazil 19 JUN 2017

Originally Posted by Digger
180 minutes of perfect decoding. The audio level (at least at the end) was at least 10 dB too high. Speech even louder as I could see from the recording I made towards the end of the transmission. Max. 29.20 dB SNR and 99.97% decoded audio.

Did someone catch the e-mail address? I got ?? 'freq [at]', but was there something before the "freq"?

Otherwise in short, the snail-mail address is :
Ministry Of Information
Engineering affairs
Department of frequencies
POB 967
Safad(??) Code 13010 Kuwait

Fax number: 00965 22 41 54 98 -> Listening on my record, with Uniwave in south of Brazil. Strong and amazing signal in Brazil. Please send an email and request transmissions DRM forever
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