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Environmental Conditions: PC on, M2 off ( 2 dB loss )

Notice the loss of audio about 1045Z which could have been largely prevented using a MSC of 16 QAM. Yes, even RNZI needs to switch to a MSC of 16 QAM as it's difficult to receive their broadcasts at my location (granted, outside their target area) for 3 months out of every year with their current configuration and selected frequencies. RNZI was carrying an excellent CBC (?) production during the 1000-1100Z period on the mysteries of music and nearly the total broadcast could have been received with a more robust configuration. Yes, I could have cut power to my PC to gain another 2 dB of SNR, but RNZI could use a more robust configuration as well. The mere loss of < 1 kbps of bit-rate would have made negligible difference in the quality of audio, but a significant difference in hearing most of the broadcast.
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