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Hi I just read the comments here, and I can tell you what I know about the receiver set up at the Nordic HF conference. It is based on a Winradio G303e, and a PC which uses the Fraunhofer software to decode the multimedia. The multimedia window MUST be open, otherwise files are not stored. The received files are normally placed in a temporary directory, and the contents deleted when the Fraunhofer software is closed however in this case a special version is used that places all files in a named directory, so the files can be accessed later even if the receiver software is turned off. The contents of the directory are viewed using a local web server.
I hear the transmissions were very successful the whole web site would have been sent in a few minutes.

when the receiver/PC arrives back in the UK I can put up an image showing all the received files recorded during the 3 days. But at the moment the receiver/PC is still on the way back to the UK from Sweden, in Germany today!

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