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Filters ... to test

Hi ...

Yesterday I place a 10KHz FIR filter between my product detector and sound card. My PC is an 800MHz one so I can't use built in software BPF.

Hard to say if any improvment. The filter is running on a DSP56002EVM (Motorola), 48KHz sampling, etc etc ...

OK, the spectrum is much clear now ... but most of the problems still receiver's AGC trigger. Next step: I'll derive the AGC control voltage from this filter output (or use one channel as 10KHz BW filter and the other one as 4.5KHz BW AGC sampler.

Another thing I want to do: add 3 fixed notches, may be 20Hz wide each at F0-5KHz, F0 and F0+5KHz.

Does anybody know how to do it on such platform? I'm nil on DSPs and programming and untill now I can't belive that I make this 10KHz BW filter work :o)
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