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Originally posted by Garf
There are some bugs remaining that may cause faad2 to crash with bad reception. They'll be fixed very soon.

Here is another bug, obviously caused by the new stereo feature, perhaps this description may help someone to analyse it. Therefore I posted this bug already on the forum of

I am using the last version of Dream including the last faad2, which is able to decode p-stereo. (downloaded from the cvs of on 03.08.04 about 12:00 ) (libfaad was compiled in debug mode).
Listening to DW world from Sines (on 5980 kHz, about 21:30 GMT) today I realized that three times the right audio channel fell silent. DW did not use stereo but 17,46 kbit/s AAC with SBR in mono. The S/N was very good (about 23 dB). Every time the right audio channel had fallen silent the audio signal of the right channel did not return until I tuned to another station (RTL 5990 kHz) or I restarted the software. After tuning to the other channel the signal returned and I could tune back to DW world. But a few minutes later the same happened again.

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