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Originally Posted by PhilipOneL
By the way, my would-be supplier in China has sent me a link to a review of the Gospell GR-216, but with no direct information either on the codecs installed, or the firmware his sets are loaded with. Hmmm.

As Zygmunt stated, the two codecs are related but not identical. The GR-216 should be capable of decoding both codecs, but beware of problems with the quality of the GR-216. I received a lemon which Gospell failed to fix under warranty since their terms for doing so were unacceptable. You just may get enough lemons to make lemonade, but not much else. Again, beware as I eventually trashed my GR-216. As far as firmware, I can't remember the exact revision, but Alokesh Gupta had posted a link to the firmware... in 2019, I think?

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